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Project Manager

Location: Shanghai
Division: Service



Job Position: Project Manager 


Clients assigned:
· Conduct day to day operations including clients scheduled visits proposing BCS product and service, understanding clients needs and possible business opportunites
· Preparing quote, scope of work and bdgt of costs
· Organizing services and surveys for future jobs (logistic and technical sides)
· Communication with clients for problems found and suitable solutions
· Preparing technical report e/o manage warranties
· Attending main Dry Docks
· Been able to work on sales bdgt together with sales and service dept.


Internal communication:
· Correct use of bcspace and planner
· Notifying sales dept of particular situation with the clients
· Following internal procedures to request info / service to other BCS dept (i.e. tools / parts)
· Requesting and feeding technical and training dept of any situation to be further analyzed
· Authorizing expenses and labor invoices related to their jobs and following up payments together with accounting dept
· Helping other PM’s according to instruction of service manager


· Scheduling technicians for the jobs according to their training
· Providing needed information about logistic and equipment / scope of work of the job
· Assisting technicians while service is ongoing
· Evaluating technicians performance through the dedicated area in Red book
· Recovering all the docs related to service onboard (reports and pictures) and have them uploaded in redbook


Technical information and training:
· Aquiring deep knowledge of the systems installed on ships of clients followes
· Studying dedicated training received by training manager and performing test accordingly

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