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Our Ambition

To strongly increase the level of reliability and dramatically reduce the number of accidents and failures.

Accordi per l’innovazione


Our qualified Trainers will be proud of driving you beyond current requirements and content of basic proficiency courses.

Our training sessions are ahead and over the STCW boundaries and are not mandatory, our courses are all voluntary based this because our scope of work is not to match, is to exceed the standards

Our Partnerships

Strongest together, aiming to a balanced mix made of expertise, technical skills and the best training network available world-wide: we are proud to be a partner of Rina Academy, a "seal of quality".

Based on a shared know-how and carried out by qualified training staff and skilled technicians, our 6 new courses will address topics related to LSA

Our Methods

To explain our approach to the LSA training we should consider what a good and experienced tailor is capable to do, in fact exactly as he normally does we start from listening to your needs, studying your systems, your procedures, your organization and big data then we provide you with the best available proposals of training that perfectly point out to all areas of improvement

Our Audience

Perfect candidates to participate in our training courses are primarily the On-Board Deck and Engine Officers, Cadets, Lifeboat crew, Deck Department, Employees from Technical and Procurement Offices and Maintenance Teams

CMA Platform

BC Service is very proud to show off the first project of LSA training platform certified by Rina and Italian Coast Guard.

Thanks to the commitment of our R&D, Service, Spare Parts & Quality departments, we built the platform by 35tons of Steel, cables, machineries, Survival Crafts and paint.

It’s the most powerful and realistic Training tool for the Marine applications.