We offer comprehensive training programs designed to enhance the skills of maritime professionals, equipping them to handle LSA and FFE with utmost proficiency.


Ahead of the Curve: Voluntary Advanced Training

Our qualified Trainers will be proud of driving you beyond current requirements and content of basic proficiency courses.

Our training sessions are ahead and over the STCW boundaries and are not mandatory, our courses are all voluntary based this because our scope of work is not to match, is to exceed the standards

Our Partnership

Building Skills through Global Partnerships

At BC Service, we believe in the power of unity, leveraging a balanced mix of expertise, technical skills, and the best worldwide training network. Our strength lies in our collective capabilities, aiming towards a future defined by unparalleled safety at sea.

We take immense pride in being selected by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as a testimonial on their webpage. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in our field.

Our involvement doesn’t stop there; BC Service is also the Life Saving Appliances (LSA) Trainer for the esteemed Italian Maritime Shipping Academy. This role allows us to share our expertise and promote the highest standards of maritime safety through education.

Moreover, we are part of the ambitious STEP project, collaborating with our partners ETT and AiteK.

Excellence in Training

Redefining Maritime Safety Training

At BC Service Academy, we’re committed to shaping a safer future at sea by elevating maritime safety standards and enhancing the industry’s reliability. Our expertly-designed training programs, offered in partnership with Rina Academy, exceed standard requirements and deliver targeted learning experiences tailored to our participants’ needs. We proudly cater to a wide range of maritime professionals, and with the introduction of the CMA Platform, our certified LSA training platform, we’re redefining realistic maritime training.

Tailored Expertise

Our trainers deliver custom programs that exceed the standard requirements.

Realistic Innovation

Our certified CMA Platform offers a cutting-edge, realistic training environment.

Strategic Partnerships

BC Service collaborates with ABS, the Italian Maritime Shipping Academy, and partners ETT and AiteK in various initiatives for maritime safety enhancement.


CMA Platform

BC Service is very proud to show off the first project of LSA training platform certified by Rina and Italian Coast Guard.

Thanks to the commitment of our R&D, Service, Spare Parts & Quality departments, we built the platform by 35tons of Steel, cables, machineries, Survival Crafts and paint.

It’s the most powerful and realistic Training tool for the Marine applications.

Reach Out to Us Anytime, Anywhere

We understand that your operations are round-the-clock, and so is our commitment to you. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with any queries or concerns you may have.

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Finalità: Il progetto STEP ha l’obiettivo di realizzare un sistema innovativo di formazione e training aumentato e virtuale che possa trovare applicazione in ogni contesto professionale. Lo strumento è un sistema multicanale e multipiattaforma fruibile secondo la modalità SaaS – Software as a Service, che integra competenze tradizionali con gli strumenti tecnologici di ultima generazione, rappresentati dalle applicazioni di Realtà Aumentata (AR), Realtà Virtuale (VR) e Intelligenza Artificiale (IA). 


Accordo Innovazione DM 24/5/2017 – PON FESR “Imprese e competitività” 2014-2020 (Asse I, Azione 1.1.3.)


Agevolazioni concesse:

– 260. 368 come contributo a fondo perduto a carico del Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy

– 63.720 come contributo a fondo perduto a carico della Regione Liguria

– 254.880,00 come credito agevolato a carico del Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy